Eileen Mandir

Projects tagged "organizational design"

I use design as a lever to question the status-quo, stimulate discourse, and envision change towards socially, culturally and ethically desirable futures.

  1. Image about New Work at City of Ravensburg

    New Work at City of Ravensburg

    Scenarios for the relocation of the Technical Townhall

    2023-01 • transformation design, organizational design, design futuring

  2. Image about Culture Club

    Culture Club

    A group experience to explore your team culture

    2019-12 • intervention, culture, workshop, organizational design

  3. Image about floorplanviz


    An alternative way of illustrating an org chart

    2016-09 • organigram, communication, illustration, organizational design

  4. Image about teamchatviz


    slack stats visualized

    2016-07 • culture, communication, dataviz, organizational design

  5. Image about Code Camp

    Code Camp

    Making space for ideas beyond a roadmap

    2015-10 • intervention, culture, organizational design