Eileen Mandir

Projects tagged "design futuring"

I use design as a lever to question the status-quo, stimulate discourse, and envision change towards socially, culturally and ethically desirable futures.

  1. Image about aqt


    Redesigning urban neighbourhoods

    2023-07 • urban design, transformation design, mobility, design futuring

  2. Image about New Work at City of Ravensburg

    New Work at City of Ravensburg

    Scenarios for the relocation of the Technical Townhall

    2023-01 • transformation design, organizational design, design futuring

  3. Image about Zukünfte gestalten

    Zukünfte gestalten

    Spekulation. Kritik. Innovation. Mit »Design Futuring« Zukunftsszenarien strategisch erkunden, entwerfen und verhandeln.

    2022-09 • methodology, design education, book, design futuring

  4. Image about Futures of urban greening

    Futures of urban greening

    Exploring the transformation of urban landscapes

    2021-10 • urban transformation, scenario, workshop, design futuring

  5. Image about Easyride


    Showcasing autonomous driving in an urban context

    2020-06 • autonomous driving, mobility, policy design, design futuring

  6. Image about Where Do Cars Go At Night?

    Where Do Cars Go At Night?

    How will our kids be educated about autonomous mobility in the future?

    2016-10 • education, mobility, book, design futuring

  7. Image about moovel in a box

    moovel in a box

    Thoughts on creating a new mobility service from scratch

    2016-09 • service, mobility, scenario, design futuring

  8. Image about TRAJECTORIES


    Printing the mobility landscapes of your city in wax

    2016-05 • data-art, mobility, installation, design futuring

  9. Image about Green Skin

    Green Skin

    Cars as rolling greenspace and the impact on urban climate and landscape

    2015-11 • urban transformation, mobility, prototype, design futuring

  10. Image about The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

    The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

    A mobility experiment testing possible bridiging technologies

    2015-06 • autonomous driving, mobility, scenario, design futuring