Eileen Mandir

Futures of urban greening — Exploring the transformation of urban landscapes

Workshop agenda and post-its with weak signals
Exploring weak signals at initial workshop

Cities are changing. Climate change, urbanization, and the need for better air quality are changing the urban greening policies of municipalities around the world. How will new technologies change what is planted, cultivated, and by whom in our cities? How might architecture and infrastructure become part of the urban green space?


When looking at emerging technologies, the focus is often foremost on identifiying immediate possibilites for new products, services, and commercial offerings. However, it is the interplay between multiple trends that has interesting implications for urban life, business models, market players etc.

Eileen Mandir at a Design Futuring Workshop


With a design futuring approach, methodical storytelling and tangiable visualization, we co-developed scenarios of different urban futures in 2030. These scenarios were the basis for facilitating value negotiation between the decision makers about a preferable future from the company’s viewpoint.


Through the perspective of designers and with the help of design we generated a deep understanding of a variety of possible scenarios, negotiatied a preferrable future and derived a plan on how to transition to this future is. These scenarios are part of an ongoing strategy process and can not be published at this point.

Commisioned by:
German Garden Tool Manufacturer
Eileen Mandir, Benedikt Groß
Scenario Visualization: