Eileen Mandir

Futures of coaching — Transforming an established federation into a modern community platform

Post-it on the wall of seminar room
Workshop warmup, self-portraits of participants

The world of work is changing. Digital transformation, new work and the resulting cultural change are challenges which are changing companies for good.


Digital transformation is also noticeable in coaching. From large group-coaching assignments, to new platforms in the coaching market, to changed networking needs of coaches. Established coaching associations are challenged to adapt to the emerging needs a young and digital coaches. How might long established industry federations create new added value beyond mere certification and regulation of market access?

Taking the users perspective

At »coachingTAG« – an international conference for professional coaching – organised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) of Germany, 10 participants took part in a one-day design thinking workshop to reflect on the transformation of the association in times of digitalisation.

Impressions from Design Thinking Workshop at ICF coachingTAG 2018

Direction & Facilitation:
Eileen Mandir
Project host:
International Coach Federation (ICF) Germany
Workshop at ICF coachingTAG 2018 in Munich